BART Earthquake Safety Program, Station Structures – C Line

ProVen retrofitted three BART stations along the C-Line, connecting Oakland to Bay Point: Orinda, Walnut Creek, and Pleasant Hill.  These retrofits entailed the respective excavations of all the station’s footings, surface demolition of columns, and forming around and drilling into all bent caps, followed by casting new reinforced concrete members and wrapping aforementioned columns in carbon fiber.

To complete these lengthy tasks required expert planning from our team, not only because of the inherent nature of working next to live 245kV power systems, but because these stations, parking lots, and affected roadways had to remain in full operation during the retrofits.  As a result, ProVen’s BART Earthquake Safety Program retrofit has one of the safest records in our company’s history.

Location: Orinda Station, Walnut Creek Station, and Pleasant Hill Station
Start Date: July 2011
Completion Date: September 2014, 1080 calendar days
Contract Value: $15,100,000
Owner: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
Contract No. 15PP-110A
Engineer: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District