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Patterson Irrigation District Fish Screen Intake

Construction of a new fish screening facility on the San Joaquin River.  The work involved construction of a pile-supported 195 cubic feet per second pump station with a concrete constructed frame and top deck.  The structure had fish screens mounted on the face on the river side with a brush cleaning system and sedimentation...

Initiate and Complete Construction of Napa Creek Site

This project, which occurs throughout residential and business areas of Napa, California, required great sensitivity to the local residents while maintaining water quality in the Napa Creek and the Napa River.  Extensive shoring was utilized in order to protect buildings adjacent to the project with a close adherence to vibration limits.  Stream bed restoration of Napa Creek was central...

O’Shaughnessy Dam Electrical and Mechanical Upgrade

PrōVen replaced the water piping and the mechanical supports at the O’Shaughnessy Dam; and installed new conduits, wiring, switches, and junction boxes as necessary to comply with National Electric Code.  PrōVen also installed all new hydraulic systems for the gate valves operating flow for the entire dam.  Panel boards and miscellaneous electrical...

Priest Reservoir Bypass Pipeline

The Priest Reservoir project was completed in 42 days.  During the construction of this project all water from the Sierra was shut down to the Bay Area.  This was a very important project for the SFPUC as a delay could have resulted in severe water shortages to the Bay Area.  Proven received a bonus for completing the project...

South Bay Water Recycling Program SJ 11 – Zone 3 Reservoir & Pipeline

PrōVen installed 5,000 LF of 24″ diameter restrained pipe, connected it to the existing pipe at the intersection of Villa Vista Road and Yerba Buena Road.  PrōVen also installed 820 LF of 12″ diameter pipe and portable water service assemblies with vaults and valves, 600 LF of 18″ diameter pipe, and two 18″ recycled water service...

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