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BART Earthquake Safety Program, Station Structures – C Line

ProVen retrofitted three BART stations along the C-Line, connecting Oakland to Bay Point: Orinda, Walnut Creek, and Pleasant Hill.  These retrofits entailed the respective excavations of all the station’s footings, surface demolition of columns, and forming around and drilling into all bent caps, followed by casting new reinforced concrete members and wrapping aforementioned...

Broadway Brommer Multi-Use Path and Bridge

Project consisted of a 350-feet long, stress-ribbon, pedestrian suspension bridge with concrete abutments, 100-feet deep ground anchors and CIDH piles, a 70-feet long, pre-engineered bridge with concrete abutments supported on CISS pipe piles; 1,200 linear feet of pervious concrete pathway; timber lagging wall with H piles; MSE walls and earthwork; asphalt and...

Wilbur Avenue Overhead Widening

This job was designed to increase the traffic and pedestrian traffic along Wilbur Avenue.  Work consisted of constructing a new 673 ft long by 54 ft wide structural steel bridge adjacent to an existing bridge on Wilbur Avenue and tying the two structures together.   The contract required the construction be performed during live...

Guadalupe River Project Replacement of UPRR Bridges 3 & 4

This project included construction of a two-track railroad bridge and associated approaches, a vehicular bridge, a pedestrian undercrossing, a maintenance road and environmental restoration features along the Guadalupe River between the former UPRR Bridge No. 3 and UPRR Bridge No. 4 in San Jose, California.  Bridge construction necessitated that the environmentally sensitive Guadalupe...

Balboa Reservoir Site Development Geothermal Heat Exchange System

The Bay Area’s first geothermal heat exchange systems was created for the San Francisco Community College District.   The construction consisted of a closed loop geothermal system which uses the core temperature of the earth to reduce the amount of energy needed in order to supply heating or cooling to the Central Utility...

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