Wilbur Avenue Overhead Widening

This job was designed to increase the traffic and pedestrian traffic along Wilbur Avenue.  Work consisted of constructing a new 673 ft long by 54 ft wide structural steel bridge adjacent to an existing bridge on Wilbur Avenue and tying the two structures together.   The contract required the construction be performed during live train traffic and could not impact BNSF revenue.  

Activities included driving 5,810 lf of steel piling, constructing 35 pile cap footings, erection of 921,700 lbs of structural steel for the new bridge, seismic retrofit of the existing bridge and abutments, placement of 1,637 cy of structural concrete for the bridge deck and abutments, installation of 1,980 lf of concrete barrier, and all appurtenances necessary for bridge traffic control and public safety.   Earthwork activities included placement of 14,000 cy of embankment fill, installation of 12,605 sf of MSE wall, installation of 150 lf of 30 ft deep shoring along the existing roadway, and grading of the BNSF ROW.  Work related to the BNSF ROW included construction of 800 lf of train crash wall, which included shoring installation for the crash wall footings along the trackway, placement of 1,300 cy structural concrete at the crash wall structures, and shoring of 13 pile caps to support the new bridge.

Location: Antioch, California
Start Date: January 2013
Completion Date: April 2014, 281 calendar days
Contract Value: $10,857,816
Owner: City of Antioch
Department of Public Works
Contract No. PW #259-B
Engineer: City of Antioch
Engineering Division


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