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Lower Silver Creek Flood Protection & Creek Restoration

The work elements include:  construction of over 48,600 linear feet of soldier and CIDH piles to support both timber lagging walls and concrete floodwalls.  During construction, more than 4,500 cubic yards of concrete was placed to construct the floodwalls and nineteen 12’ x 12’ pre-cast reinforced concrete box culverts set underneath Story Road.   The work involved in channel...

Initiate and Complete Construction of Napa Creek Site

This project, which occurs throughout residential and business areas of Napa, California, required great sensitivity to the local residents while maintaining water quality in the Napa Creek and the Napa River.  Extensive shoring was utilized in order to protect buildings adjacent to the project with a close adherence to vibration limits.  Stream bed restoration of Napa Creek was central...

Priest Reservoir Bypass Pipeline

The Priest Reservoir project was completed in 42 days.  During the construction of this project all water from the Sierra was shut down to the Bay Area.  This was a very important project for the SFPUC as a delay could have resulted in severe water shortages to the Bay Area.  Proven received a bonus for completing the project...