Priest Reservoir Bypass Pipeline

The Priest Reservoir project was completed in 42 days.  During the construction of this project all water from the Sierra was shut down to the Bay Area.  This was a very important project for the SFPUC as a delay could have resulted in severe water shortages to the Bay Area.  Proven received a bonus for completing the project within schedule and 10 days earlier than expected.  PrōVen performed tunneling, rock and soil excavation, earthwork, backfilling and all work necessary for the placement of the 108″ bypass pipeline. Bypass-pipeline, including the concrete slurry bedding, buoyancy slabs, the 96″ butterfly valve, joints and fittings, and 54″ flap gates were also installed.  A 144″ x 108″ bypass-pipeline was connected to the Power Tunnel.  Two 72″ x 120″ sluice gates and hydraulic control units were placed inside the existing intake structure.

Location: Priest Culterville Road at Highway 120
Moccasin, California
Start Date: June 2003
Completion Date: January 2004
Contract Value: $12,700,000
Owner: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Contract No. HH-903
Engineer: Utilities Engineering Bureau