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Caltrain, San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project

This project consists of the replacement of four active railroad bridges in the City of San Mateo.  Major elements of each bridge are reinforced concrete abutments and wing walls on micropile-supported, cast-in-place footings.  The new bridges are assembled adjacent to the existing structures and during each 54-hour shutdown, the existing bridge is...

EBMUD, Mokelumne Aqueducts Interconnection

Project involved the procurement and installation of large, up to 84 inches, diameter valves and piping in the Sacramento River Delta at seven different locations to improve the reliability of the aqueducts.  Cast-in-place concrete vaults were built as part of the contract to enclose the valves at several of the location.  Large...

UC Berkeley, Switching Station 6 and Campus Power

As part of the electrical updating of the UC Berkeley campus, PrōVen constructed the Switching Station 6 under contract to the University.   The project required close coordination with campus activities, the City of Berkeley, and PG&E in order to minimize impacts to traffic, pedestrians and the power supply to the campus.  In...

Lower Silver Creek Flood Protection & Creek Restoration

The work elements include:  construction of over 48,600 linear feet of soldier and CIDH piles to support both timber lagging walls and concrete floodwalls.  During construction, more than 4,500 cubic yards of concrete was placed to construct the floodwalls and nineteen 12’ x 12’ pre-cast reinforced concrete box culverts set underneath Story Road.   The work involved in channel...

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