MUNI Green Light Rail Center Track Replacement, SFMTA Contract #1249

The work is located at Curtis Green Light Rail Center (Green Facility) next to Balboa Park Station in San Francisco. Green Facility is one of Muni’s light rail vehicle maintenance and storage facilities. The purpose of this project is to replace and rehabilitate the light rail system to maintain safe and efficient operation.

The scope of work includes but is not limited to replacing storage track, ladder track, revenue track and turnouts, replace overhead contact system including wires and insulation, upgrade the track switch control systems, abandon one inspection pit, improve yard drainage, improve yard lighting, install new pavement, boarding island and ADA platform.

Location: San Francisco, California
Start Date: January 2013
Completion Date: December 2016
Contract Value: $31,197,197
Owner: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Engineer: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency