San Francisquito Creek Storm Water Pump Station

The project included the construction of a new storm water pump station, an earthen discharge channel, and modifications to an existing storm drain outfall draining to San Francisquito Creek downstream of Highway 101.  Included was the installation of  rail-mounted 3,000 gpm and four 34,800 gpm, axial-flow, submersible propeller pumps and motors for service within urban storm water runoff and related electrical and SCADA instrumentation.  PrōVen also constructed a new canal, approximately 700 lf, to San Francisquito Creek.

The purpose of the facility is to provide improved drainage in a 1,250-acre area of northeastern Palo Alto.  The pump station now discharges storm runoff in the creek even when the creek water surface elevation is higher than the nearby ground surface elevations, thus eliminating the chronic street flooding that formerly plagued the area.  The station is capable of pumping storm water at a maximum rate of 300 cubic feet per second, which is the 10-year return interval flow rate for the tributary area.

PrōVen installed local artist renovation of the water drives as a public offering to the community.  This project received the APWA project of the year award in 2010.

Location: 2027 East Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, California
Start Date: September 2007
Completion Date: August 2009, 704 calendar days
Contract Value: $6,778,636
Owner: City of Palo Alto
Public Works Department
Contract No. C08122074, CIP No. SD-06102
Engineer: Michael Willis Architects


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