Flume 41 Replacement Restoration Project

Work included but not limited to: The removal of loose material and rock scaling on the uphill side of the flume, installation of rock anchors and wire mesh drapery for slope protection and drainage improvements; the stabilization of approximately 452 feet of existing flume bench including rock anchors, void grouting and shotcrete wall construction; the replacement of approximately 697 feet of flume including demolition, excavation, grading work, MSE retaining walls, and subsurface drainage, concrete flume foundations, construction of precast concrete flume sections, installation of precast concrete flume sections, flume transitions and closures, miscellaneous metals, painting and additional miscellaneous appurtenances; replace Spillway 23 and appurtenances including rock dowels, pre-manufactured metal building, generator and control hardware, lighting and electrical, propane tank and gas lines; the restoration of 603 feet of existing canal including demolition, excavation and over-excavation of loose areas, grading work, subsurface drainage and installation of a new air-placed concrete canal liner and transitions; and erosion control and storm water pollution prevention plan implementation and maintenance.

Location: Riverton, El Dorado County, California
Start Date: October 2013
Completion Date: August 2014
Contract Value: $4,578,478
Owner: El Dorado Irrigation District
Engineer: Carlton Engineering